For any size client with any size budget, Walt Klein Advertising approaches all communications projects using a collaborative process that includes several key stages:




We conduct discovery sessions between our strategy and creative teams and key client stakeholders to define the communication goals and project scope.




We evaluate each campaign or project to determine how it met the original goals or how to refine it to make it even more successful.


We develop strategic messaging and creative brief documents that get all team members, including the client, on the same page as to what the communication is trying to achieve.



We use anything and everything we can within a given budget to research the target audience. This could include pouring over existing research data, holding brown bag lunch conversations with customers, conducting phone or web survey research, or testing product and brand messaging in formal focus group settings.


We use the expertise of all team members to concept around the agreed upon key messaging, keeping in mind that we never know where a great idea might come from.


We develop media and marketing plans around the agreed upon messaging and concept directions, and we build out the creative materials according to the specs of the plans.


We launch, monitor and track every element of the communications campaign or project.


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